Bisphenol A AKA BPA


Bisphenol A AKA BPA

Exposure Route

  1. Occupation 
  2. Eating/drinking from tin cans, plastic bottles, or plastic food containers
  3. Using microwaveable plastic containers

Health Risks 

  1. Toxin that crosses the placenta
  2. In females, can affect egg quality, implantation
  3. In men, can affect semen quality
  4. May lead to obesity



  1. Reduce eating processed or canned foods
  2. Avoid using plastics with recycling codes #3 and #7 (seen on the bottom of plastic bottles) which are known to contain endocrine disrupting chemicals
  3. Avoid touching cash register receipts 
  4. Replace plastic bottles and containers with glass/steel
  5. Avoid microwaving plastic dishes or containers
  6. Buy “fragrance free” laundry, cleaning, and personal care products
  7. Use “phthalate-free” products; nail polish that says “no di-butyl phthalate”