Polybrominated Diethyl Ethers (PBDE)


Polybrominated Diethyl Ethers (PBDE)

Exposure Route

  1. Occupation 
  2. Exposure to new furniture/textiles
  3. Can be brought in by shoes and outwear via dust particles

** These chemicals are lipophilic meaning that they can be stored in fat (e.g., fat tissue, fatty fish, breast milk) **


Health Risks 

  1. Higher incidence of stillbirth, low birth weight, and/or premature birth
  2. Impaired neurodevelopment
  3. Thyroid dysfunction (critical hormone for fetal brain development)



  1. Avoid purchasing new furniture, carpets, or curtains when attempting to conceive or during pregnancy.
  2. Leaving shoes outside home/main living area to avoid tracking in dust containing these particles
  3. Washing hands, dusting often
  4. Ask whether flame retardants were used when buying new furniture or rugs